Vane MG

[Vanessa Moncayo González]

Vane MG is a multidisciplinary artist & Designer from Colombia who is now established in London. She worked in the Design world from 2009 & in 2015 she started working on projects which focussed on highlighting the importance of Latin American women. Her objective is to attempt to reclaim elements of the cultural past, integrating it with the present and creating new images that help to define a lost identity.


Some of her most important artworks are at the world renowned Kew Gardens in London., painting colourful Colombian nature in murals at the Princess of Wales Conservatory for the famous Orchid Festival. Participating in this huge event positioned her as a Colombian artist representing her country whilst being the first artist in the world to paint inside the Kew Gardens walls. She also participated in an art and dance performance at Tate Modern in London, painting a special piece representing Afro Colombian roots which have shaped the culture of the Pacific region.

Also, she is working as a Street Artist in London, adding a lot of colour in different parts of the city and participating in art collectives such as WOM collective and Art House Project London.


Painting, street art, and Art Videomapping are some mediums she uses to show the force of the creative woman leader through the spirituality of ancient Latin culture.


Now as a female artist, although far from her land of origin, she feels the call of her roots which she wants to share with the rest of the world.


Dedicating this artistic project to all the women who want to feel a little of the only freedom that could never be stolen, 'the freedom of our spirit'

This is how Vane MG was born.

NEWS 2020

February 2020 - Vane MG Mural exhibition at Kew Gardens for the Orchid Festival 2020

NEWS 2019

December2019 - Vane MG Kew Gardens - Orchid Festival 2019 video by Emma Vasquez

November 2019 - Vane MG returned to Kew Gardens to create new murals for the Orchid Festival 2020

August 2019 - Vane MG Art Performance at TATE MODERN - Our Heritage

Art Performance next to the Colombian dance group  Somos Chibchas.

“Our Heritage” aims to highlight the importance of African roots and their cultural legacy in Colombia, we generate a sense of real belonging for the diversity of our culture and our folklore.


Their dances the history, beliefs and cultural expressions of the Afro-Colombian community are involved, which has shaped the culture of the Pacific region. 


A performance of 30 minutes.

Please click below to watch the video with part of our performance.

Photography by John Saldarriaga

September 2019 - Vane MG in NorthernIreland - Beyond Skin #FUTyoURES #youth4peace 

#Colombia #NorthernIreland 

Sperrinview Special School Dungannon. - Mount Stewart Conversations Festival 2019 and Streetart in Belfast City via a project with the BBC. 

Beyond Skin:

We are delighted to be bringing Vane MG to Northern Ireland to facilitate activities at Mount Stewart Conversations Festival 2019 and projects in Belfast & Dungannon as part of the #FUTyoURES programme.

Her most recent and important artwork was being a commissioned artist for the world renowned Kew Gardens in London, painting colorful Colombian nature in murals at the Princess of Wales Conservatory. 

Interestingly through Grow Wild Kew have been funding elements of the #FUTyoURES programme. Biog and more details about Beyond Skin.

JULY 2019 - Vane MG Video performance Show - Esteban Card Concert Rich Mix London.

MAY 2019 - Vane MG Livepainting and Art Exhibition at Curzon Soho 13May and Curzon Canterbury 15May - Event by Birds’ Eye View 


Vane MG Art Exhibition and Live painting


Film Birds of Passage - Pájaros de Verano at Curzon Soho in London 13 may starts at 6 15pm and at Curzon Canterbury the 15 may. Livepainting. This is a commissioned event invited by Birds Eye View: A Pathfinder For Films By Women. 


It's a honour to have the possibility to represent my country and roots in the UK. 


Intro by Mia Bays, the director of #birdseyeview who runs the Reclaim The Frame project - a mission to bring ever greater audiences to films by women. Plus live painting by Colombian Artist, and the first ever artist to paint inside the walls of Kew GardensVane MG accompanied by DJ set in bar @pajarosdeverano 


APRIL 2019

Vane MG Mural at 26 Leake Street for the Mandela Exhibition

MARCH 2019

Vane MG Live painting at Kiss my Art for the 5th time - London


February and March 2019 - Vane MG Art Exhibition at the Kew Gardens. February 9 - March 10 During the Orchid Festival. Orchids. Celebrate the colour of Colombia. 

Review this link of the Kew Gardens website where you can reed about my participation in the Festival.


Vane MG Art Exhibition at the Kew Gardens.

2019 - Vane MG sponsored by Great Art to paint the murals at Kew Gardens. 

Vane MG was sponsored by Great Art, a London based art shop, who provided her with all the materials to create the art pieces at Kew Gardens. 

It is an honour to be supported by this amazing art place, which has been helping to give opportunities to artists form different countries. 

The Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens, is focussing on Colombia in 2019.


Thanks to The Colombian Embassy in the United Kingdom for helping to organize with Kew Gardens the Festival and to show the world the beautiful colours of our country through the Orchids, also thank you for recommending me to Kew Gardens.

It is the first time an artist has been invited to paint on the walls inside Kew Gardens, and I am pleased to do this work representing Colombia.