[Vanessa Moncayo González]


Vane MG is a multidisciplinary artist & Designer from Colombia who is now established in London. She worked in the Design world from 2009 & in 2015 she started working on projects which focussed on highlighting the importance of Colombian women. Her objective is to attempt to reclaim elements of the cultural past, integrating it with the present and creating new images that help to define a lost identity.


Her most recent and important artwork was being a comissioned artist for the world renowned Kew Gardens in London, painting colorful Colombian nature in murals at the Princess of Wales Conservatory for the famous Orchid Festival, that in 2019 was focused on Colombia. Participating in this huge event positioned her as a Colombian artist representing her country whilst being the first artist in the world to in paint inside the Kew Gardens walls.


She is working in Painting, Art interior design, street art, Art Videomapping, showing the force of the creative woman leader through the spirituality of ancient Latin culture. At the same time she is working in collaboration with more artists and Designers in London, around Europe and Colombia helping to build a stronger artworld for more people and opening more art opportunities for everyone. Now as a female artist, although far from her land of origin, she feels the call of her roots which she wants to share with the rest of the world.


Dedicating this artistic project to all the women who want to feel a little of the only freedom that could never be stolen, 'the freedom of our spirit' 


This is how Vane MG was born


CHELMSFORD ESSEX. March Art Exhibition of my paintings at The Transition Art Gallery in Chelmsford.

CHELMSFORD ESSEX. April. Art Workshops at The Transition Art Gallery in Chelmsford.
LONDON. April Art Exhibition at FAM a luxurious Art Party in London
LONDON. May Art Exhibition at Riot of Colours Art and Music Event

LONDON. May Invited for second time. Art Exhibition at FAM a luxurious Art Party in London

CHELMSFORD. June Live painting at Sunburst Festival sponsored by The Transition Art Gallery

LONDON. July Live painting at Kiss My Art UK Art Event. Sponsored by GreatArt London

LONDON. July Art Exhibition. We Art Colombia-London. At 5 The Old Laundry Gallery.

LONDON. August Art Collaboration with The Photographer Tae Albon and the Model Ana Laura Kapetanović . Photoshoot Art Glass Intervention. Topshop & Zara Outfits

LONDON. September. Eva Art Exhibition. Art House Project.


.Mural Performance in Cinélatino 2017 in Toulouse France. Invited by Latinograff and supported by The Colombian Consul in France.
.Art exhibition in Cinélatino 2017 in Toulouse France with Latinograff collection in Cinélatino 2017 in France

LONDON. Selected to be part of ART BATTLE III LONDON 

.Interview April19th in Soho Radio to talk about the ART BATTLE and my project of art.

LONDON. August & September.

Art Stall. Exhibition in Tower Bridge at ComidaFest

LONDON. November .Selected to be part of ART BATTLE IV LONDON &
.Selected to do the Art Battle Mural at the Lake Street Tunnel at the Vaults sponsored by Greatart



.Painting Performance in Meeting of Styles London 2016 world. 

.Art exhibition in Zunzun Galerie in Toulouse-France at the Latinograff art event.
.Invited to paint a mural in Toulouse at the Latinograff art event.
.Invited to an interview in The Radio Station Radio Mon Paîs and The Radio Station Campus FM Toulouse in Toulouse to talk about my art projects.


.Art exhibition in the Colombian Consulate in France with Latinograff. 


March .Mural Exibition Lavamoatumbá Art Event. Bogotá. 


July .Guest Speaker selected by The National University of Colombia. Subject: How to start a business as an Artist? A practical vision of an entrepreneur.
.Exhibition Performance Videomapping and Painting. 
.Mural Exibition Second version of Lavamoatumbá Art Event. Bogotá. 


August .Exposition: Heroína. Nest Gallery. Work: The Catalina’s jewelry. 
September .September 18th. An article in Artnexus Magazine about Nest gallery and their Heroína exposition artists. This is an important Art Magazine which promotes activities for the development and diffusion of the visual arts and architecture at the national and international levels.
.Mentioned in an article about the Heroína exposition in Inkult Magazine. This is an important digital Magazine about Art, Design and Lifestyle from Mexico.


October .Selected by Ikebana, a Colombian Magazine, to be part of their third online edition. 

December .Selected by Mocion Soft, to represent them in the third version of El Antídoto, an Art event . Video Mapping and Painting Performance.