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Vane MG is a multidisciplinary artist & Designer from Colombia who is now established in London.  

Street Art and Digital Illustration are some of the mediums she uses.


Her work is characterised by bright and neon colours and includes elements of her Colombian roots, fun elements of her Toy Design experience and her characteristic, Heart Eyes on her realistic female portraits full of more hearts and London vibrations.


Some of her most important artworks are at the world renowned Kew Gardens in London., painting colourful Colombian nature in murals at the Princess of Wales Conservatory for the famous Orchid Festival. Participating in this huge event positioned her as a Colombian artist representing her country whilst being the first artist in the world to paint inside the Kew Gardens walls. She also participated in an art and dance performance at Tate Modern in London, painting a special piece representing Afro Colombian roots which have shaped the culture of the Pacific region and recently she worked for the world renowned Wellcome Collection Museum in London illustrating one of the articles on their website. Click to see the article here.

Winner - Best Latin American Visual Artist in the UK 2024 by LA United. (The official Latin American Awards in the UK)


Also, she is working as a Street Artist in London, adding a lot of colour in different parts of the city and participating in art collectives such as WOM collective.


Painting, street art, digital illustration and Art Videomapping are some mediums she uses.


Her objective is to attempt to reclaim elements of the cultural past, integrating it with the present and creating new colourful images looking for her own identity.


Dedicating this artistic project to all the women who want to feel a little of the only freedom that could never be stolen, 'the freedom of our spirit'

This is how Vane MG was born.

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