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The First Artist that has painted inside Kew Gardens is Colombian. Vane MG

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I had the honour to work during 2 weeks for the Kew Gardens, designing and painting 4 murals inside the Film Room at the Princess Wales Conservatory.

The reason was to bring the Colombian colorful essence to Kew Gardens during the Orchid Festival they do every year. This year Colombia was the selected Country. This is the first time we are going to have the opportunity to show inside Kew Gardens positive and beautiful things we have in Colombia.

At the same time it is the first time an artist paint the walls of Kew. I am really happy to be the first artist making history at this renowned place by being part of this wonderful Festival. Orchids. Celebrate the colour of Colombia.

This festival is going to be from the 9 of February until the 10 of March. London.

At the same time I could capture the attention of GreatArt, a London based art shop, who provided her with all the materials to create the art pieces at Kew Gardens.

It is an honour to be supported by this amazing art place, which has been helping to give opportunities to artists from different countries.

The Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens, is focussing on Colombia in 2019.

Thanks to The Colombian Embassy in the United Kingdom for helping to organize with Kew Gardens the Festival and to show the world the beautiful colours of our country through the Orchids, also thank you for recommending me to Kew Gardens.

I will let you know more about all this experience soon.

To buy your tickets go to this link of Kew Gardens website

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